Eric's Maine Connection is a remarkable group of musicians from Seattle Washington. This is the title cut "Stuck Inside" from their latest album. Rooted in the Blues, Rock, Country and R&B, these celebrated players from the Pacific NW U.S.A. combine to create their take in songwriting and live performances with the soulful grace only legends create. The Maine Connection is Scotty Harris on bass and Andrew Cloutier on the drums. They grew up in Maine playing music together and are Eric’s connection to a freight train groove. When they perform together it is like a group of guys having an intelligent conversation. Produced, recorded, and mixed by the band and mastered by the incomparable Brandon Busch, Stuck Inside is a well-constructed album that defines who we are. Sit back and enjoy. All you need to know is right here…..

Stuck Inside

Eric's Maine Connection

A simple little rockin' tune about an idea I had for a house remodel project during the pandemic

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